Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Make your kitchen completely risk free with Apple Shot Corer

Make your kitchen completely risk free with Apple Shot Corer

Apple is an extremely versatile fruit. You can have them raw or put them in salads or want to bake some yummy cake with it, the choices are endless. No matter whichever way you want to add this fruit to your diet, you’ll have to peel and core them properly. Often this process when done with a knife, become a little risky for inexperienced hands. Thus, an Apple Corer is a must have to peel and core your apples in a safe way.

OTOTO has always been known for deriving their inspirations from popular stories and myths. This case is also no exception. According to popular stories, to exhibit his mastery in archery William Tell was asked to shoot an arrow to an apple which was placed on his son’s head. Thankfully, Tell was a master indeed and no accident happened that day. Deriving inspiration from this story of valour, OTOTO has designed the corer to look like an arrow that goes through the apple, only this time all is safe and secure.

So, here are some reasons why Apple Shot Corer should be a part of your kitchen too:

Risk-free: Apples are probably the most consumed fruits. By using this Apple Shot Corer, you can simply eliminate the risk factors involved in peeling and coring an apple. With this you can prepare your apples in a more convenient and mess-free way.
Even children can use it: As it is totally risk free and easy to use, you can ask your children to help you out in the kitchen too. This will engage your kids in a productive way and also give you a much needed helping hand.
It is stylish: When it is from OTOTO, it has to be stylish. The chic design lends a stylish look to your kitchen.
Affordable price: The Apple Shot Corer comes at a very affordable price, thus you can get it quite easily even when on a budget.

A must have accessory for any kitchen; this apple corer can be a great gift for a person who loves to cook.